This is perhaps the first thing people think of when they think of how to grow in their careers. They regularly show up in your inbox with advice and carefully curated lists of articles, upcoming events and job openings, and you don’t have to do anything other than read what you like. Product manager at Asana and co-author of Cracking the PM Interview. As companies grow, the product management role entails three or four functions: product strategy, technical product management, product marketing, … A lot has been written about what product management is and what a product manager does, but the fact is it’s still a nascent field and every company views it differently. Newsletters are lovely. Conferences are a wonderful way of meeting people from other cities and countries, and learning about the latest trends and case studies. This is yet another avenue for learning that I suspect most PMs are familiar with, but perhaps not all PMs have explored. They tell you about some books to read. I’ve subscribed to newsletters and digests to regularly get interesting content pushed to me. I started as a product manager right out of college. Women in Product, founded by Merci Victoria Grace, former Director of Product @SlackHQ, is specifically for – you guessed it – women in product roles. After starting her tech career in the New York City start-up scene, she moved into consulting and has spent time with ThoughtWorks and Pivotal Labs London. What’s happened since then has been nothing less than the coolest thing I’ve ever done: So. To be successful as a product manager, you need to develop strong ownership not just of the product you work on but also of your own professional growth. Meetups are a wonderful way of getting involved with your local product community and learning about local product companies. Because of my knowledge of analytics and statistical significance, I was able to determine that ideas for a previous product launch were likely based on chance. Product managers are usually leaders in their organizations. You may not get many opportunities to interact with other PMs to learn how others approach the role and its challenges. Eight months ago Mind the Product mapped this journey as we considered how to build our new training program. Product management … It’s big, vibrant and generous. It’s a discipline that is deep as well as broad. Hand in glove with strategic thinking is the ability to analyze data to make the right … One way I’ve found to navigate this is to seek out others’ experiences. The national average salary for a product manager is $120,000 USD per year. Analytical Skills. You don't need to have a technical background to be a great product manager, but if you want to go directly into product management … The group currently has close to 3,000 members. It starts local. what did we learn? Lastly, product management is highly competitive. Many much better read people than myself have compiled lists of book recommendations for PMs. A friend asks you to come to a meet-up, or to have a beer with a few friends from Silicon…(Valley, Alley, Roundabout, Beach, insert your fave here). Below are some of my favorite product leaders who frequently share their experiences, thoughts and insights in writing, and also curate content from the broader product and tech community. I have yet to see a standard job description for a product manager, because each role is ultimately defined by the size, type of product, stage, industry, and even culture of the company. The world's largest community for product people, built by product people. If you’re unsure whether project management … Or you set up a coffee with a cool product manager or designer you know. This is my personal favorite and a group I spend time on daily. Mitch McConnell, an Emperor Without Clothes? BY The stories that we hear from product leaders from around the world is that diversity of perspective and experience are what drive us to build better things and be better managers. As I’ve built up this mental map of helpful resources and how to leverage them, my confidence in my ability to solve tricky problems and maneuver difficult situations has grown by leaps and bounds. Below are the podcasts I find myself returning to regularly. Every software team has a product manager. The role of the product manager is expanding due to the growing importance of data in decision making, an increased customer and design focus, and the evolution of software-development methodologies. We knew the only way to get there would be to test out a lot of different assumptions we had about what could work and what’s needed. So for those managers who need to do a lot of growing in a very short amount of time, here are a few pieces of advice.

how to grow as a product manager

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